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Who is a weekly member? A weekly member is someone who has subscribed for their vehicle to be washed weekly for an entire month.

How do I become a weekly member? A weekly member must sign a contract agreement with Ellis Car Wash & Auto Detailing and must pay for their subscription at the beginning of the month or at the end of the previous month.

Membership Fee A weekly member must pay a membership fee of one thousand Jamaican Dollars ($1,000). This fee is only paid yearly to renew subscription.

 Membership Benefits

 · A weekly member receives 25 POINTS after every wash.

· Every 100 POINTS qualifies a weekly member for a FREE wash.

 · A weekly member also receives 100 POINTS for each person they get to make the same subscription.

 · A weekly member can use their points to do any other service we offer once it’s equivalent to the amount charge to wash your vehicle.

For example: if it costs $1,500 to wash your SUV and you’ve gain 200 points, those points are worth $3,000 and could be used to do an Engine Wash or Headlight Restoration.

Download our Membership Form and sign up or send us a request through the form below.

Membership Request

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